Feb 13
HYSEA CSR SUMMIT-2018 @ HICC, Hitex, Hyderabad on 13.02.2018

HYSEA(Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) has celebrated their third annual CSR summit with a theme 'Taking IT beyond Urban,' Partner, Support and Volunteer' which brought 

together 250+ IT/ITESindustry, NGOs, Government Agencies, Social Enterprises, and Advisory organizations to network and learn from each other; to learn from the peers; 

Srinivas Alluri was invited as the speaker for his contributions in creating a center (University for Humanity) for sustainable development and helping people experience a healthy, happy and harmonious life in relation to the surroundings. 

Some of the prominent speakers speaking at the event include:  Loveleen Kacker, Director and CEO, TechM Foundation; 

JD Lakshmi Narayana, Ex-CBI Director; Dr W R Reddy, Director, NIRD; Srikanth Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation; 

Harichandana, IAS, GHMC Commissioner and several more.​​

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Srini has, once again, spellbound many youngsters from IT industries such as Infosys, Cognizant, TechM and many other firms with his 'back to the roots' and 'spreading humanity' motives 


He has shared his experiences and success with natural farming and importance  of taking IT into  in the fields of health, Education and environment. The very idea has won the accolades from all participants.

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Manavata has also setup a stall promoting the healthy living, Personality Development Programs, Natural Farming, Natural(Organic) Food products from University for Humanity (UFH)

 and YOGA​


 J D LakshmiNarayana was very impressed ​with Srini's speech & Manavata's efforts and spent extra minutes at the stall listening to the Natural Farming and Food products at Manavata University. Srini handed him the Manavata ​complimentary healthy kit

IMG_20180213_132549.jpg GHMC  personnel were also eager to learn the tips from Srini during the event IMG_20180213_170909.jpg 



Feb 03
India Development Location of Ameria @ 4th South India Regional Conference, Hyderabad

​Srinivas Alluri has attended as a Guest speaker for India Development Location of Ameria @ 4th South India Regional Conference, Hyderabad

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Jan 28
Mandal level Surya namaskara Aradhana in Lolla

​Mandal level 108 Surya Namaskarara Competition has conducted @ Manavata Ashram, Lolla. M.R.O & R.D.O has attended in this event as guest speakers. WhatsApp Image 2018-01-28 at 2.24.03 PM.jpeg

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Jan 27
PDP Session for State level shool children@ Gachibowli, Hyderbad

​Srini has conducted PDP session for Telugu state level children @ Gachibowli, Hyderabad. 

In this session Srini has shared his experiences, study techniques, memory techniques, and covered the topics like how to build the leadership qualities, how to serve the needy, how to live honestly and hoilistic, sharing knowledge to others, how to protect the environment. He has explained with examples by showing great personalities. 



In the ending of the session, Srini has distributed the note books, PDP books, inspirational books to the all children. All Children were motivated by his speech and cameforward to take the leadership to conduct the Yoga, PDP, Health in thier schools and villages. 

Jan 27
State level surya namaskar compitation and Yogathon-2018@ Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Yogathon 2018 state level competition went on well with participation from both Telugu states. 300 short listed students and from different districts mainly government schools have sponsored by Manavata to bring them to state level. Most of the participants able to complete 108 rounds and 20 of them have got.



Wanaparthy district students (Pebbair ZP high school school) secured boys winners and consolation, Gadval district students have secured runners and consolation prizes. East Godavari district students secured Girls winners, Runners, Hyderabad students got consolation prizes.

Men's section winner Prasad (Guntur), runner Suresh (Hyderabad), Consolation

Women's section winner Nalini (Hyderabad), Vara vara (Greece), Consolation prizes to  Hyderabad 

Chief guest Chairman and MD of Sports authority of Telangana state Mr. A. Dinakar babu IAS,  Guest of Hour Sri Alluri Bapineedu (Natural  Organic farmer & dedicated humanitarian), Dr. Suryaprakash Open house humanitarian, Ms Vara vara Olympic participant, European Gymnastic Champion, Mr. GR Reddy (Manavata volunteer) participated. Given their messages.



Srinivasa Alluri, founder & President of Manavata appreciated all the volunteers who have helped Sridhar, Prakash, Padma, Vikram, Tulasi, Ravi MRB, Ravikumar, Sai, etc. wished all the participants and winners to have a great year of Seva and Sandhana to cultivate human excellence in them. 

Vara vara shared experience and felt so happy doing yoga first time and given key message for students to make their life success, by working hard, calmly, happily, focus on self-practice and stop looking at others, keep improving continuously.



She felt so happy with the Yogathon and Manavata 3H mission to be part of it.


Srini has honoured all the chief guests with plants and 3H family kits. Requested everyone to take leadership to spread the humanity and simple living, great thinking by self-transformation.

All the rural children from a poor background, they have zeal to develop themselves and help society​

Jan 23
Yogathon competition @ Girls Govt School Moosapet, Hyderabad

​Padma, Tulasi has orgnized Yogathon Competition @ Girls Govt School, Moosapet, Hyderabad​. Around 50 students were participatedWhatsApp Image 2018-01-23 at 11.43.15 AM.jpeg

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Jan 23
Yogathon @ Govt High School, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Srini has organized 108 Surya Namaskara Competition @ Kukatpally Govt High School. Around 200 students were participated wholeheartedly in this competition and performed Surya Namaskaras in the guidance of Srini. The confidence and performance was appreciated by one and all.​​

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Meditation session organized after Yoga classes.

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Later Srini has distributed the Manavata Note books to the winners of Surya namaskara competition. Volunteers Kavya, Vikram well coordinated in this program.

Jan 12
PDP session @ Ramakrishna math Domalaguda (Youth Day)

​Srini has taken PDP session for Youth in the occassion of Youth day @ Ramakrishna Math, Domalaguda, Hyderabad. WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 3.21.47 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 3.21.42 PM.jpegSrini has given very inspirational speech and he shared what really inspired in first 10 years of life..Talked about his personal experiences from childhood till date..Very inspirational because he speaks with purity of heart

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 3.21.37 PM (1).jpegThere were other speakers like Mohammad zakir, Army kalnal aged about 84 years..Though his 9 ribs were broken in Pakistan army..Appreciate for his determination to stand and speak though offered to sit and talk. He was also gunned down by pak went to coma for 12 days....another guest was Good(didn't remember his complete name) who does not have one leg and one hand but still cycled from ladak to kanyamurai...another guest was paraolympic badminton player...even Swamy Bodananda speech was very inspirational...I pay respects to all these great achievers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 3.21.35 PM.jpeg ​


Jan 06
Manavata inspire workshop for police trainees at Secunderabad.
Around 400 trainees attended in this PDP session.

​​​​​​​WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 5.43.20 PM.jpegAfter 2 hours workshop they all promised me that work dutifully to make mother and motherland proud.. also practice of Manavata 3H principles by giving up junk food and serve needy & mother nature. Later DCP addressed today's online international youth camp. Part of 3 months course initiation today. Around 100 children participated from different continents. Integrated village kids and urban kids including ashram kids and kids from kakarapalli, nagarcoil, Hyderabad and other villages.​

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 9.08.37 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 5.43.18 PM.jpeg Leena Thomas for coorded this program well, Ramachandra reddy, Anand and other volunteers also helped. Thanks

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 9.08.35 PM.jpeg

Dec 25
Manavata talk at kadthal on 25.12.2017

Key emphasis on living with consciousness and protecting all the beings and mother nature.. non violent food must grown by every meditate With natural farming and work hard for welfare of all.. karmaphala that's is higher than dhyana. Leave selfishness and practice humanity.. Inspire every child youth your selfless work

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