Health summit & Yogathon 2017 Hyderabad

Nov 11
Health summit & Yogathon 2017 Hyderabad

​Here is tup update about Manavata Hyderabad Yogathon, Health camps, blood donation camps and Karthika vanasamardhana:

Overall events went on well with wonderful team work. Yogathon, Medical camps, health awareness, eco-friendly and healthy food arrangements for 500 people. blood donation camp, homeopathy, Ayurveda free treatment and medicine.  

Manavata Karthika Vanasamaradhana: Arranged Healthy /organic food served to over 500 people. also served sprouts and millet food for yogathon participants and children.  Eco-friendly (no plastic or paper used, only leaves and steel glasses). this made people to realize that even bigger events can be organized in eco-friendly manner.  event temples and many people taken this inspiration. hopefully people can follow this.

Greatly appreciate all our volunteers, Tulasi, Ravi, Ramana, Mahadev, Dr. Madhuri, (Homeopathy) Jayakrishna, Dr. Suchitha (Ayurveda), our ashram earlier children who have gown up Jamuna and Ganesh, Kavya, Sahitya , Krishna Veni, Suresh gupta(Nalgonda), Vasu, Chandra, Surya, Suresh, Sivaram garu, Padmaja, Annapurna, Anjali, Janaki, Vikram, NIMS blood donation team.

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Our annual Karthika vanasamaradhana:

​Worship Mother Nature: Amla tree (explains us to protect nature and realize importance of medicinal benefit of such trees)

Be Spiritual, peace and happiness: Pray God, keep the mind on almighty, meditate or chant or do service.

Give: Annadana: Serve nutritious food eat together in the nature / garden on a leaf or metal plat. (no platics, no junk food or no stored food.. all food must be prepared fresh at venue just before eating). Cook together and eat together.

Nutritious food:

Notorious grains like Mung sprouts, Foxtail millet, Samalau, red gram dhal, brown rice

Kanda+ Bachali curry: Highly nutritious and got several health benefits.

As many people doesn't know importance of this, they forgot this and they only take very little curry just for the sake.

Indian tradition of Karthika month (Oct-Nov), everyone must eat this for good health. Rishis intelligently thought about nutrition benefits and time of the harvest these items.

For everyone's benefit here is the information:

Yam (kanda)

# It also contains Calcium. 50-56mg/100g of its contents is Calcium. # It has omega-3 fatty acids which are known to increase the good cholesterol levels in the blood. # Diosgenin, a molecular hormone which has potential anticancer effects, is found in yam. It is high on vitamin B6 content.

It is low in calories helps reduce weight

It is particularly good for women as it increases the levels of estrogen in the body, thus helping them in maintaining hormonal balance. Being high in vitamin B6, it provides relief from pre menstrual syndrome

has a high content of omega 3 fatty acids. They help in increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. fibre in yam is also good

Bachali (vine spinach)

Contains all almost all nutrients, rich A vitamin, B6, all minerals. 



Pressnote in Tulugu attached:

Press note for Yogathon_Health Summit.pdf